Early Thursday morning Pasco Schools work crews began conducting checks on schools, looking for possible damage and flooding issues. At this time, our previous announcement stands: All schools and district offices will be closed Thursday and Friday. We expect to be able to return to school and work on Monday. Updates to follow. Visit our weather page for more information.

District Sponsored Clubs

Non-District Student Groups

District sponsored clubs are those clubs that are authorized school organizations for groups, clubs, and organizations that are educational in nature, and which otherwise meet the conditions set forth in School Board Policy 5840. Included in this group is student government and class sponsor clubs (e.g. Class of 2025) and pure service clubs.


Non-District Student Groups are student groups, clubs and organizations, which are non-district sponsored and non-authorized school organizations that are not directly related to education, but which are related to matters that are social, political, ideological or otherwise related to personal interest, and which otherwise meet the conditions set forth in School Board policy 5730.


  • Student Government Association
  • Speech & Debate Club 
  • National Junior Honors Society
  • Theater
  • Dance
  • Track
  • Meditation
  • Gay Straight Alliance 
  • FCA/FCS (Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Students)
  • First Priority 
  • Harry Potter Fan Club