Here is a list of the frequently asked questions we have received thus far. We will continue to update this form as new questions are asked. Thank you for your patience.

When will my child meet their teachers?

We will be hosting a virtual meet the teacher day on Wednesday August 5th for all students. Please stay tuned for further details of how to access this event by following us on social media and viewing our school website.

6th grade students ONLY will have the opportunity to meet their teachers in person on August 5th by alpha order (last name) at the times below. Only one parent is allowed to accompany their 6th grade child, no other family members are permitted. Face masks must be worn by both the parent and the student.

A separate flyer will be posted on our social media and website by the end of the week with exact details for this event.

F-L- 10:30am-11:30am
M-R- 1:00pm-2:00pm
S-Z- 2:30pm-3:30pm

When will my child receive their schedule and be able to pay fees?

Student schedules will be available online through MyStudent no later than August 5th.

*6th graders will need to have their own copy of their schedule (found on MyStudent) prior to Meet the Teacher Day. CCMS will not print any student schedules on this day. Parents will be able to pay fees on Rycor no later than August 5th.

When will my child receive their Zoom Codes for courses if they chose MySchool Online?

The initial log-in code will be coming out from your child’s teacher during teacher planning week. Please continue to follow our school website and social media for updates.

What is the learning platform for MySchool Online?

The district will utilize the MyLearning (Canvas) platform for MySchool Online.

When will I be able to pick-up a device and books for my child?

We will be posting information via social media and the school website for deployment date and time.

I signed my student up for a Howlapalooza tour, where should the students be dropped off?

All students will be dropped off during their chosen tour time in the car loop by the administration building. There will be staff members directing traffic to the drop off location.

Is the Howlapalooza tour open to all grade levels?

Yes, all grade levels are open to attend this event. However, they must have RSVP’d for this event prior to attending.

Can parents attend the Howlapalooza tour?

No, in order to maintain CDC guidelines and ensure that all of our students receive a tour time, we cannot allow parents to attend this event.

Will there be another campus tour date after first semester for students who chose MySchool Online for first semester?

At this time, we recommend that all students attend the first Howlapalooza event on July 30th as we do not know what the CDC guidelines will be in January of 2021.

My child is on Access Points, how do I get a Howlapalooza tour set-up?

We are scheduling tours for families on Access Points on Friday July 31st at 9am. If you are interested in scheduling a tour please contact Julieann Usry

Where can I send my TDAP records?

Please scan in TDAP records to our school nurse Jennifer Morsey: